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Three naturist villas

The Naturist Kefalonia domain is located at the extreme south of the island of Kefalonia, close to Mouda beach of Mouda. Here you can come to relax with the persons you love with discretion and privacy. We offer you a peaceful, private and relaxed stay in a 4000 M2 garden property. Here you can enjoy one of our three villas with air condition, ceiling fans, near your private swimming pool to spend a dream vacation.
Our villas are ideal for beginners naturists who never dared. Furthermore the nudity is not mandatory, you are not in a naturist camp!

The naturists

- They are people that look you in the eye when taking to you.
- They are people that have respect for people of all shapes and sizes.
- They are people that like you for being you and not what brand you wear.
- They are people that don't make rude or sexual comments to you or about you.
- They are people that enjoy meeting the real you, not someone you pretend to be.
- They are people that come from all walks of life and professions.
- They are people that are more friendly than regular people.
- They are people that don't think a nude body is a sexual statement.
- They are people that don't like to wear clothes.

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